Ray is a great health insurance agent! He saved me $500! He's also a really nice and helpful guy. Extremely genuine with his work and straightforward. I've recommended him to my friends and family. Def recommend him to everyone!

Sideeka S.

Ray and I worked together at Equitable Life Insurance Co. His work ethic, professionalism and upbeat attitude would be an asset to any organization. Ray was a natural leader on our team of sales professionals and his results were always excellent.

Dave M.

Ray has been the most awesome guy. He has saved me over $700.00 a month. He made sure that I had Insurance at the deadline. I had to have Insurance because of my health problems. He is very patient and always has a good attitude. I am so grateful to him and his company that I can get the medical help I need. I would absolutely recommend him to anyone who needs Insurance.

Laurie W.

I have had insurance with ray for about two plus years. He has been so excellent. It was so easy to do by phone he walks you through everything. He’s gives you a call for renewal so that you don’t miss your deadlines. He saved me so much money I’m always surprised at my insurance prices because they are always so affordable. I try to recommend everyone I can to him! Give ray a call for your insurance!

Chelsey D.